Restelli learning from Moss, Milan leaders

May 17, 2014 by David Hein, Print
Restelli learning from Moss, Milan leaders
When it comes to leaders for youngsters to look up to, David Moss from EA7 Emporio Armani Milano is definitely a good role model with his defensive skills and workman-like attitude. Those are the exact traits that have impressed 18-year-old Armani Junior Milan talent Lorenzo Restelli. The Magenta native has trained this season twice a week with Luca Banchi’s senior Milan team and learned plenty of valuable lessons from the American veteran Moss. 

“It’s been a very good experience. I have learned a lot of things from Moss. His intensity and his fundamentals on defense. And he’s very strong,” said Restelli, who also said he’s gained a lot from his working with other Milano players like Keith Langford and Daniel Hackett as well. “It’s great watching Langford on offense and his attack. He’s the leader of the team and is very charismatic. He works for the team,” Restelli said of Langford, a member of the 2013-14 Turkish Airlines Euroleague First Team. 

“It’s wonderful working with Moss, Langford and Hackett. You learn something new every day.” Restelli also has had a chance to play with those veteran players. He has earned seven minutes of action over three Serie A games this season with 7 points, 2 rebounds and an assist in those games. “That was such a good experience. Seeing how they put into the game what they do in practice,” he said. 

The Milan youngster is still a work in progress though. “He has long arms and a good body. But he has to work on his body and his weight to play in the first division. He’s a slasher more than a three-point shooter. He can attack the rim with both hands and he can shoot the ball with space. But he has to work on his body and his three-point shooting,” Armani Junior Milan coach Paolo Galbiati said. 

The coach said it’s a pleasure working with Restelli. “He’s always smiling. He’s a friend on the court. He’s aggressive but he has a friendship with the opponents as well. He’s a smart guy and doesn’t bother anybody, also not the coaches. And he gets good grades in school.” 

Restelli is also getting good grades in his school on the court - thanks to guys like Moss.